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You just took the first, most important step in transforming your family relationships.

In just 28 short days, you’ll stop yelling…

Your kids will finally listen to you the first time you say something…

And, most importantly, they’ll happily follow your instructions without resisting them.

Parenting will be a lot less stressful, and you’ll finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Your neighbors and relatives will wonder what you’ve done with your kids.

And you’ll finally be able to sleep at night.

However, there’s something you still need to get right…

That will determine how easy it will be to raise your kids…

That will determine how happy and successful your kids will be…

That will determine if they ever live up to their full potential or not…

And that one thing is:

What you SAY and DO within the first 3 seconds of getting their attention.

Those 3 seconds make or break everything.

Say and do the RIGHT thing, and your kids will collaborate with you without resistance.

Say and do the WRONG thing, and they’ll throw another tantrum.

You see, over the past 40 years, as I worked with over 1,000 “challenging” kids 1on1, I discovered something astonishing.


Kids follow “secret patterns” that most parents miss.

When I spent 1,000+ hours working with kids 1on1 every year, it all started to make sense.

I picked up on “secret patterns” that parents usually miss.

Nowadays, when I observe parents in public, I already know what will happen.

I know exactly when a child will throw another tantrum, or happily collaborate with their parents.

Over the past 40 years, I tested thousands of different parenting “protocols”.

That’s how I know exactly what to do to get kids to stop crying, do their homework and chores, trust you with their problems or stop playing video games all day.

I know what exactly which protocols work and which don’t.


Don’t say another word to your kids before you use Win-Win Protocols

Decades ago, the aviation industry developed pre-flight protocols to minimize the amount of unnecessary plane accidents.

Surgeons use protocols to avoid making mistakes and save lives when they’re sleep deprived and overworked.

I use the same step-by-step protocols to change the way kids behave.

I follow the same protocols over and over again, because they WORK.

I call them “Win-Win Protocols”, because they help YOU get what you want (so you win), and they make your child happy (so they win as well).


Win-Win Protocols make your kids work WITH you, not AGAINST you.

I developed protocols for having a “bad grade” talk…

I developed protocols for kids that talk back at their parents…

I developed protocols for kids that throw tantrums in public…

I have hundreds of protocols saved for hundreds of different parenting challenges.

These protocols were 40 years in the making.

They’ve been developed, tested and improved with the help of thousands of families.

They’re the best parenting tools I’ve ever seen.

Because they’re dead easy to use…

They always work…

And they make parenting stress-free, fun and exciting again.

Parents love them. Kids love them. Teachers can’t live without them.

And today, after hundreds of parents begged me to do it, I’ll finally share them with you.

Introducing The Ultimate Parenting Checklist Bundle

To help you effortlessly raise happy and successful kids, I put together Ultimate Parenting Checklist Bundle.

This collection includes over 200 step-by-step checklists based on Win-Win Protocols that you can use to solve hundreds of parenting challenges within minutes.

It’s like a dictionary that you use to look up words, except it’s organized by common parenting challenges.

Here’s how you can use them in 3 simple steps:

  1. You print out the protocols, and bind them into your “parenting bible” (or, you can have them on your phone, with you, 24/7)
  2. Whenever you run into a challenge, you look up the appropriate protocol
  3. You follow the simple steps I outlined for you, and get desired results

It’s that simple.

Challenges that kept you up at night will be gone within MINUTES.

These 100+ Win-Win Protocols are waiting for you…

In the Ultimate Parenting Checklist Bundle, I included over 100 different protocols for every imaginable parenting challenge.

Here are the 20 main challenges you’ll get solutions to (for each challenge, you’ll get access to 5-10 different protocols):

As you can see, I really thought of everything.

Today only: Get access to The Parenting Checklist Bundle at a fraction of their retail price

I’ve spend well over 20,000 hours developing these protocols over the past 40 years.

The parents that work with me 1on1 pay me $3,000 to get access to a handful of these protocols that are the most relevant to their kids.

I know I could charge thousands of dollars for them…

…but I don’t want them to only be accessible to the “elite”.

I want every parent in the world to have access to these protocols, without breaking the bank.

Because every parent deserves to raise their kids stress-free.

Because every parent deserves to sleep at night.

Because every parent deserves to raise happy and successful kids who live up to their potential.

That’s why the retail price of the Ultimate Parenting Checklist Bundle is $297.

But because you joined the 28-day No-Yelling Parenting Challenge…

Because I know you’re ready to become a better parent…

Because I know how much these protocols will help you…

You can get access to them for just $97 – only today, only on this page, only for the next few more minutes.

And if you don’t absolutely love them…

If they don’t work for you…

If they’re not the best investment in your kids you’ve ever made…

Just send me an e-mail within 60 days of purchase, and I’ll refund you your full investment – no questions asked.

Attention: You won't see this offer again, so take advantage of it now!
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Today 09.02.2023 we are offering you a 84% discount. Take advantage of this offer before time runs out.

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Verified customer

“If you ask me, raising children is one of the most difficult things we parents face. Because basically everything depends on you. But we can help each other a lot with this checklist. There are a lot of practical tips, it guides you through the process of how to help, what to change, how to prevent things in the first place… I highly recommend it. I’m definitely looking forward to using it in the years to come.”

Verified customer

“The biggest advantage of these checklist is that you get concrete examples and concrete situations explained. This is really helpful to us parents, as we can connect the theory with our own actual situations, with our everyday problems and get the solutions in a blink of an eye”

Verified customer

“I decided to get the checklist because I was looking for the right guidelines on how to react in certain situations. Have to say all the advice came in very handy, as they come from everyday actual examples in practice. I recommend it to anyone who finds themselves in trouble and looking for advice on how to carry on and which methods to use. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you’ve shared.”

Attention: You won't see this offer again, so take advantage of it now!
Price increases in:

Today 09.02.2023 we are offering you a 84% discount. Take advantage of this offer before time runs out.

Your price: 47 USD
84% discount
Regular price: 297 USD