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Parenting courses

14 day get your kids to listen challenge featured image
14-Day Get Your Kids To Listen Challenge

Get your kids to listen and cooperate by using a groundbreaking psychological method discovered by the Nobel Prize-winning scientist to break through the child’s “importance filter”.

confidence & self esteem
14-Day “Unlock Your Child’s Inner Superhero” Challenge

Unleash your child’s confidence and resilience with the “Confidence-Building Compass,” a neuro-emotional method that will inspire your child to embrace their unique strengths, overcome obstacles, and flourish with confidence.

Ultralearning System

Help your kids unleash their brain from all limitations and learn ANYTHING 10x faster in just 30 days with the help of 5P Accelerated Learning Framework.

The Sensory System Solution (ADHD)
The ADHD Advantage

Help ADHD kids become focused and calm. Use the revolutionary “Hyper-Strategies” to turn ADHD into STRENGTHS.

Ultimate Parenting Checklist Bundle
The Ultimate Parenting Checklist

100+ shortcuts that will help you solve the most common parenting challenges without yelling, arguing or destroying your relationships.

Anger Management Adventures - help your kids dissolve anger and regulate emotions
Anger Management Adventures Kit

Help your kids to independently dissolve anger and regulate emotions with the revolutionary PER (Playful Emotional Regulation) method.  

Independent Child Chores System
The Independent Child Chores System

Motivate your kids to do their chores independently, without your constant nagging, with the help of Internal Motivation Triggers.

21 Day Double Your Child's Grades Challenge
21-Day Double Your Child’s Grades Challenge

With the I-M-O formula, your child will be able to complete their schoolwork independently and responsibly – without arguments, tantrums, and backtalk.

28-Day No-Yelling Parenting Challenge
28 Day No-Yelling Parenting Challenge

Without Losing Your Patience, Raising Your Voice, Repeating Yourself, Shouting Battles, Resistance, Tantrums, Crying, Time Outs, Bribes, Stress, Anxiety And Sleepless Nights

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