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Get The Thriving Family Program For an Additional 51.5% Off

Ok here’s the thing… I’d feel guilty if I’d let you miss out on the GOLD inside the Thriving Family Program.

So here’s what we’re going to do…

If you’re interested in “having a parenting coach in your pocket” and learning all the best parenting techniques I’ve put together…

How About A 51.5% Discount?

Now, I can’t give you access to the whole program… but what I can do is offer you the 7 MOST ESSENTIAL challenges.

This way you can still get 80% of the value, for less than 50% of the price!

That’s a pretty good deal, right?

The ESSENTIAL program includes only our best-selling challenges:

  • “Get Your Kids To Listen” Challenge
  • “Improve Your Child’s Grades” Challenge
  • “Confidence & Self-Esteem” Challenge
  • “No More Temper Tantrums” Challenge
  • “Break Your Kid’s Screen Addiction” Challenge
  • “No More Sibling Battles” Challenge

You also get all the bonuses mentioned before:

  • Bonus #1: Have quick access to all the tools from the challenges with the Checklist bundle for each challenge (value: 7 x $59 = $413)
  • Bonus #2: Get on the same page with your partner with my “Same-Page Parenting Style” ebook (value: $59)
  • Bonus #3: Save 1-2h every day with my time-saving life hacks for busy parents (value: $49)
  • Bonus #4: Save at least $100 each month with my Money-saving life hacks for parents (value: $49)
  • Bonus #5: Make your well-being a priority with my “Avoiding Parenting Burnout” ebook (value: $59)

You’ll get all that for a whopping additional 51.5% discount because you decided to take MASSIVE action and invest in your parenting today.

The only downside is you won’t get the other challenges mentioned on the previous page.

But you will still get the challenges that are in the highest demand by my clients.

Sound fair?

Hit the button below to get the Essential Thriving Family Program for just $97 (51.5% OFF!)

Thriving Family Program
Non-Member Price:   $197
One-Time Special Offer for New Members: Only $97

FAIR WARNING – I cannot make an offer like this forever.

So just to be clear this will be your last chance to get your hands on the Essential Thriving Family Program at this price

These were developed through my 40 years of working with families after all… so I don’t want to upset my 1-on-1 coaching clients by giving this away nearly for free.

I’m only offering them now because you’re one of our newest members here at Strategic Parenting.

If I do ever consider selling them again, it will be for a higher price.

So this is your last chance to add them to your order.

Remember inside this bundle you’ll see how I resolve virtually ANY difficult parenting situation quickly and easily…

You’ll also see how I get kids to be motivated, stop their screen addiction and do their homework…

How I stop tantrums and misbehavior…

And how I set boundaries so that kids behave well at home and in public…

You’ll see all that and more in the Essential Thriving Family Program.

But this is your last chance to add it to your order…

So click the button below now to unlock the program.

Non-Member Price:   $197
One-Time Special Offer for New Members: Only $97