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For parents who don’t want to yell at their kids ever again...

The No-Yelling Challenge 2.0: How to Get Your Kids to LISTEN and Cooperate Without Yelling – In 28 Days (or Less)

28-Day No-Yelling Parenting Challenge
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satisfied customers
28-Day No-Yelling Challenge 2.0
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  • The 3-Step No-Yelling System will help you stop yelling at your kids (without spanking, threats and punishments);
  • 28 daily e-mail lessons will help you become a calm, patient and relaxed parent;
  • Concrete instructions with practical examples from everyday parenting situations for kids of all ages that every parent can relate to;
  • Daily reminders will help you get your kids to listen and cooperate without falling back into old habits;
  • Proven and tested parenting techniques based on 40+ years of experience and working with 100,000+ kids and families;
  • Lifetime access to the challenge, so you can revisit it at any time in the future, and go through it at your own pace;
  • 365-day no-questions asked money back guarantee – you can try the challenge 100% risk-free.
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What Is The No-Yelling Challenge 2.0?

After I worked through 10,967 feedback responses from the original No-Yelling Challenge…

Analyzed 100+ scientific parenting studies and books to discover the best parenting approaches…

And dug through 40 years worth of my archives to find the absolute best parenting techniques that you can use to get your kids to LISTEN without yelling…

I’m happy to present to you the new and improved No-Yelling Challenge 2.0.

With this challenge, you will be able to get your kids to listen and cooperate without yelling in less than 28 days…

And you will be able to do all of that WITHOUT Losing Your Patience, Raising Your Voice And Repeating Yourself

WITHOUT Spanking, Threats and Punishments…

WITHOUT Negotiation, Time Outs and Shouting Battles…

WITHOUT Meltdowns, Tantrums and Crying…

WITHOUT Bribes, Reward Charts and Nagging…

WITHOUT Stress, Anxiety and Sleepless Nights…

WITHOUT just telling yourself to “stay calm”, leaving the room, deep breaths and counting to 10, and other things that didn’t work for you in the past…

And WITHOUT having to read another parenting book, listening to parenting podcasts and courses, or visiting a therapist or psychologist.

The No-Yelling Challenge 2.0 will trigger the No-Yelling Snowball Effect and give your family a fresh start.

Knowing how to get your kids to LISTEN and cooperate without yelling is the one thing that makes everything in your parenting journey easier.

It triggers a snowball effect as the following things will happen:

#1 – Your kids will listen and cooperate

Everything will get so much easier because:

You will never have to raise your voice, snap or yell at them in order to get them to listen, cooperate and do what they are asked to do

You will no longer need to repeat yourself, nag them or lose your patience because they don’t listen when you speak in a calm, nice way – they’ll cooperate the FIRST time you say something

You will no longer have to resort to threats and punishments when your kids don’t listen and cooperate and nothing else seems to work

You will no longer get triggered when you’re stressed out, overstimulated, overwhelmed, in a bad mood, exhausted, have time pressure or lack time to get everything done, because they’ll cooperate with you much more quickly

You won’t have to nag them to complete their chores and help around the house, and they will actually do what they promised to do, so you don’t have to “lose it” when they break their promise

You will drastically reduce the noise levels in your family, so you can enjoy the quiet, peaceful family time you need and deserve

You will finally break the Endless Yelling Cycle that has been going on through generations – where your parents yelled at you, you yell at your kids, they yell back at you, and they’ll yell at their own kids

#2 – Your kids will stop misbehaving and ignoring your directions

Your kids will:

Stop having tantrums, meltdowns and anger outburst when things aren’t going their way

Get ready for school, brush their teeth and go to bed on time, every time, without endless negotiations, using delay tactics and ignoring your directions

No longer disrespect you, talk back at you, call you names, throw things at you, hit you or yell at you, because they’ll learn how to behave like an adult much sooner than their peers

Stop working against you (even if they are especially strong-willed), they’ll start working WITH you as a team and do the things they might not enjoy the most, which will help them become responsible and independent

Not do things you told them not to do and stop getting on your nerves

Stop insisting and whining when they don’t get something they want within seconds without letting you finish what you’re doing – they’ll learn how to patiently wait, and be okay with not getting everything they want

Eat their meals during the scheduled meal time and stop playing with food and asking for snacks every 10 minutes, while getting in the necessary amounts of fruit and veggies

Stop changing their mind all the time and stick with the decisions they make (plus they’ll decide what they want a lot faster)

Stop fighting with their siblings when you tell them to, and won’t start fights and be nasty to each other

Stop making a mess around the house and proactively clean up after themselves (toys, dirty clothes, their room)… without you even having to ask them to do it

Stop putting themselves in danger and won’t ignore you when you notice they’re doing something unsafe

Stop watching TV all the time and won’t get angry at you, say “just one more minute” or have a meltdown when it’s time to stop

#3 – You will NEVER feel like a “bad parent” again

And because there will be no more yelling in your family, you will no longer:

Feel guilty, ashamed and full of regret after yelling at your kids

End up in tears, cry yourself to sleep, or stay up at night wondering what you’re doing wrong and why things can’t just be different

✅ Ask yourself “What’s wrong with me?”, “Why are they never listening?”, “Why am I unable to deal with them?” “Why did I have kids?”, “Am I unfit to be a parent?” or “Why am I like my parents?”

Feel frustrated, powerless and helpless, because nothing is working and you can’t take it any more

Feel like there has to be a better way, without seeing the light at the end of the tunnel

Stop feeling like a bad role-model and become the best possible parent for your kids

Stop feeling like you need to see a psychologist or hire a therapist because something is “wrong with you”

Be disappointed in yourself because you can’t control your anger and get your kids to listen

#4 Your will become a calm, relaxed and patient parent

When your kids misbehave, you will no longer feel:

❌ The anger building up inside you

❌ Guilty because you yelled or snapped at them

❌ Annoyed, irritated and frustrated because they don’t do what you asked them to do

❌ Desperate because nothing seems to work

❌ Angry with yourself and your kids because you’re yelling all the time

❌ Tired, stressed out and burned out from endless battles

❌ Powerless, helpless and defeated because everything is falling apart

❌ Anxious and scared that things will never get better

❌ Embarrassed because you can’t stop yourself from losing control

❌ Unheard, upset and sad because they don’t cooperate with you

❌ Sorry for your children because they have to go through this

❌ Like you hate yourself because you’re pushing your kids away

❌ Like a failure or a “bad parent”


✅ You will be calm, collected, patient and relaxed

✅ You will be kind, understanding and caring

✅ You will be able to give your kids unconditional love

✅ You will gently guide while sharing your wisdom with them

✅ You will be able to talk through and express your emotions in a calm way

✅ You will be able to talk to your kids quietly and softly

✅ And you will be able to hold it together and never explode, no matter the circumstances

#5 – You will have a fresh start as an inseparable, happy family

You will no longer:

❌ Cause your kids trauma and create negative childhood memories that haunt them for life

Create irreparable damage to your family ties where you can feel your kids slipping through your fingers as the whole family grows apart – instead, you’ll grow closer together day by day

❌ Negatively impact the development of their brains (according to science) by yelling at them, and reverse by helping them develop healthy brains that every child deserves


You will create a family bond that brings you close together for life – you’ll become one of those families that sticks together no matter what, loves each other unconditionally, and supports each other

You will create happy childhood memories that they will gladly remember and talk about to their own kids and grandkids

They will be forever grateful that you changed, because they’ll be able to fully trust you, ask for your help when they need it, and feel empowered to be happy and successful in life

Does that sound too good to be true?

Don’t take my word for it… Read through some of the stories from the students of the original 28-Day No-Yelling Challenge:












How The 28-Day No-Yelling Challenge 2.0 Works


The 3-Step No-Yelling System That Will Get Your Kids to Listen and Cooperate Without Yelling, Spanking, Threats and Punishments

28-Day No-Yelling Parenting Challenge

Throughout the next 28 days, you’ll get 28 daily e-mail lessons tailored to the busy, stressed out and tired parent, tried and tested by 30,000+ parents from all over the world.

Most e-mails only take 5 minutes per day to read, internalize and implement. This means you’ll see the results in the same day.

In the challenge, I will walk you through the complete 3-Step No-Yelling System.

The No-Yelling System Part 1: Get Your Kids to Listen Without Yelling With No-Yelling Tools

Within the first week, you will master the No-Yelling Tools that will help you replace yelling in the heat of the battle.

When your child doesn’t listen… When you fail to get their attention… When they won’t cooperate… When they fight back, or resist your instructions… Or when they throw a fit when they don’t get what they want…

You will now be able to use The No-Yelling Tools to get them to listen and cooperate without resistance, drama and backtalk.

Here are just a few of the tools you’ll get access to:

  • A subtle twist with which you can get your child’s full attention by using the exact same instructions you tried using before – but now, with completely different results
  • A counterintuitive technique you can use to instantly get their attention when they’re on their phone, playing with friends, or pretend they don’t hear you
  • The noise reduction strategy I personally use to never yell in our home (and never have to nag anyone to come to dinner, help me with household chores or get ready for school)
  • The quick & simple instructions framework that will help you stop repeating yourself and nagging (and your kids will cooperate the FIRST time you say something to them)
  • An instant cooperation technique will get your kids to stop doing things they shouldn’t be doing, avoid tantrums and meltdowns, and avoid battles because something isn’t going their way

Once you start using No-Yelling Tools, you’ll quickly develop trust and positive authority with your kids and become a guiding parent that serves as a role model for the whole family – someone they’re happy to collaborate with, learn from, or ask for help.

They are also “quick fixes” that bring instant results – most families that use them reduce their yelling by 80% in less than a week.

The No-Yelling System Part 2: Keep Your Cool When You’re Stressed Out, Tired or in a Hurry With Emergency Protocols

Most parents lose their patience when they’re stressed out, tired and in a hurry.

That’s why, in the second part of the challenge, you’ll master emergency protocols – the step-by-step “safety stops” that you can use to get your kids to cooperate QUICKLY, without resistance, when you really just need them to do what you ask them to do.

Because these situations also trigger the biggest yelling battles and create the most damage to your family, avoiding them will completely transform your family relationships with them.

You will get access to:

  • The Urgency Protocol to use when you’re in a hurry – so your kids go to bed, brush their teeth, and get dressed up for school on time – EVERY time
  • The Stress Elimination Protocol will help you stay calm in stressful situations when you’re tired and kids are doing everything they can to get on your nerves
  • The “Stop Losing Your Sh*t” Protocol will get kids to cooperate during meltdowns and tantrums without “losing it”
  • The Root Cause Protocol will help you identify why your kids are REALLY misbehaving and give them what they need the most in the moment to avoid another yelling battle
  • The Safety Stop Protocol will prevent you from blowing up when you’re completely exhausted and stressed out and have zero energy left

Once you have a bulletproof plan for all the key triggering situations that make you yell, you’ll be able to reduce the yelling in your family by 90-95%.

Your kids will happily cooperate with you even when you’re not at your best, and a bad day won’t make you go back into your old habits.

The No-Yelling System Part 3: Become a Calm, Patient and Relaxed Parent With Instant Relaxation Triggers

You might have tried deep breaths, counting to 10 and leaving the room to calm down… But you definitely haven’t tried the techniques I’ll share with you in the No-Yelling System.

By studying what helps the world’s calmest parents stay calm, and field-testing their strategies with over 100 of my private parenting coaching clients, I developed Instant Relaxation Triggers. It’s a set of bulletproof strategies that will put you into a state of calm within seconds, and help you become a patient, relaxed and composed parent.

Here are just a few of the triggers I’ll share with you in the program:

  • Instant Calm Trigger: An ancient breathing technique that will help you calm down within seconds when you feel like you’re losing it, without anyone noticing what you did.
  • Progressive Relaxation Trigger: You’ll be able to calm your mind and body by releasing the tension that’s leading you to blowing up.
  • The Zen Breath: By making a subtle change in the way you breathe (that 99% of parents don’t know about), you’ll be able to stay much calmer, more relaxed and energized throughout the day, which will drastically reduce the amount of stressful parenting situations you experience.
  • Patience Amplifiers: A set of triggers that will make you more patient, kind and understanding and raise your kids with a smile on your face and unconditional love.
  • The Anger Release Trigger: This counterintuitive technique will help you work through your thoughts and emotions without suppressing them or letting them take over your body – that will make it a lot less likely for you to ever blow up again.

When you start using Instant Relaxation Triggers, it becomes so much easier to not just avoid yelling at your kids, but to be a calm, relaxed and patient parent that’s a great example for the whole family.

Patience and calm are two things that are extremely difficult to teach if you don’t lead by example, but when your kids see how calm and collected you are… They’ll observe you, model you and learn from you.

And as they do that, they’ll stay calmer themselves, throw way less fits and tantrums, and make your parenting life even easier.

With the complete No-Yelling System, you’ll give your family a fresh start it deserves, and create a better future for all of you.

365-Day No-Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee:
Try the challenge 100% risk-free.

I’m Marko, and I’ve been working with kids for the past 40 years

Marko Juhant, author of 16 best-selling parenting books

I come from Slovenia (a small country in Europe), which is why you might not have heard of me yet.

I started out as a teacher on a school campus…

And quickly graduated to a principal position at a school for “challenging” kids.

This job was very incredibly difficult at first. But I took it as a challenge!

My deep interest in child psychology and passion for education led me to develop some very effective strategies for raising happy and successful kids.

As a result, the kids in my school started to flourish.

When other principals noticed this, they invited me to host workshops for teachers and parents at their schools.

Right now, I still do a few hundred workshops every year, where I help teachers and parents with their unique challenges – even though I’m already in my 60s.

Marko Juhant parenting class
A workshop in front of 300+ parents and teachers at a primary school

When parents at workshops started asking me to give them something they could read at home, I started writing books.

I ended up writing 16 parenting books, most of which topped the national bestseller lists in Slovenia and competed with titles like Harry Potter.

Book stack Marko Juhant
My stack of best-selling books that helped 100,000+ parents raise their kids better

Over the past 40 years, more than 100,000 parents and teachers read my books or listened to my lectures.

Which is quite a few, since my country Slovenia only has about 800,000 parents.

Press news about Marko Juhant
My work has been featured across every major media outlet through articles and radio shows

This created a ripple effect throughout Europe.

All of a sudden, journalists from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy and Croatia started interviewing me, and parents and teachers from all over Europe started reaching out to me for help.

I wanted to help – so I learned new languages just to be able to share my knowledge with them.

I helped thousands of families through YouTube videos and interviews

Over the years, I also worked with over 1,000 European families 1on1 that came to me as “their light at the end of the tunnel”.

I came into their home, worked with the parents and kids for a week, and solved their challenges.

Try The No-Yelling Challenge 2.0 100% risk-free for 365 days


I want you to try the whole 28-day challenge completely risk free… not just for 28 days but for a whole YEAR, so you can go through it at your own pace.

If, for whatever other reason you’re not 100% satisfied with the challenge… If it doesn’t help you stop yelling… If it doesn’t absolutely exceed your expectations…

Then I don’t want you to have to pay for it.

Simply send me and e-mail to [email protected] any time within a year of your purchase and my team will return your full investment. No questions asked.

Plus, you get to keep the whole challenge – it’s on me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before I answer this question, let me ask you this first: how much time would you SAVE if you wouldn’t have to get into yelling battles with your child?

If it’s a significant amount of time (and stress!), then I think you and I both know what you need to do.

The daily challenge emails that I’ll be sending you will only take 5 minutes to read. You can skim through them while having your coffee, taking a break from work or watching your favorite TV show.

Now, if you’re about to go on a 10-day vacation in the middle of the challenge with no access to your email… that’s not really a problem either. The emails will wait for you until you return, just make sure you get them now before we increase the price.

Plus, you have a whole 90 days to try the challenge 100% risk-free.

The tools you’ll receive work on anyone from toddlers up until around 18 years of age.

In the challenge I also provide several examples for different age groups, to make it very relevant regardless of your child’s age.

If you still think they might be too young or too old, my recommendation is to simply give it a try. There’s nothing to lose. You can ask for a full refund until 90 days after the purchase.

I’ve been developing and using these tools for over 40 years now. Much of my work has been focused specifically on kids with various disorders because I know that being a parent in this case can be particularly challenging.

The “No-Yelling Tools” have been tried and tested on thousands of kids with ADHD, Autism, Anxiety and other disorders. I made sure that they’re bulletproof and working flawlessly in such situations.

My recommendation is to give it a try. You have nothing to lose and I’m convinced you’ll be blown away by how effective they are for your situation.

I get this question all the time. And my answer is always the same.

I’ve been studying this subject for over 40 years now. I wrote 16 books about it and have personally tested the tools on thousands and thousands of kids.

Trust me when I say this – by now I’ve made all my materials so bulletproof that I have yet to see them fail.

You’ll be surprised by how well and how quickly this challenge will work for you. But don’t take my word for it – see for yourself. Try the challenge, and if it doesn’t absolutely exceed your expectations, e-mail my team, and they’ll return your full investment – no questions asked.

All you need is access to your emails. There are no other tools or investments needed.

Program consists of short lessons in textual form. You will receive one lesson each day, containing one no-yelling tool. As if receiving one chapter of a book.

Since you will receive lessons via email, you can of course read them anytime and anywhere you wish. I advise you to read them in the morning and try to use them on the same day when they are still fresh in your memory.

Once you receive the lessons, they are yours to keep. You will be able to return to them anytime, read them again and as many times as you want. You can also print them out and save them in physical form or make visual reminders out of them to help you stay consistent.

You do not need any additional application such as Zoom for the program, as you will receive daily lessons in the form of emails.

Of course, you keep these emails forever. You can read them anywhere and anytime, whenever it suits you best.

The contents of the 28-day program are intended for parenting of children of all ages. These are proven parenting techniques that work way better than yelling, regardless of the age of the children. Some also work with adults!

I totally agree with you. Your children are different from all others. And this is really not a bad thing! It just means that they are predictable in some way and that the methods will work for them as they work for most other children.

The parenting techniques I will share with you are based on the psychological patterns and responses of many of the children I have worked with and observed in my 40 year career. Regardless of their personality and special characteristics, some things remain the same and work. They are humain. In the nature of all of us.

Therefore, I am sure that you will also learn something new, that you will better understand your child and that you will gain new educational approaches and techniques that will make parenting easier and more successful.

Of course! You can order the program and them e-mail us at [email protected] to transform ownership to the person you want to gift it to.

If you are not satisfied with the program, please notify us at [email protected] within 90 days of purchase and get your money back.

Please just review and actually try to use the content in practice.

Here’s everything you’ll get if you join the 28-Day No-Yelling Challenge 2.0 TODAY

28-Day No-Yelling Parenting Challenge
  • The 3-Step No-Yelling System will help you stop yelling at your kids (without spanking, threats and punishments);
  • 28 daily e-mail lessons will help you become a calm, patient and relaxed parent;
  • Concrete instructions with practical examples from everyday parenting situations for kids of all ages that every parent can relate to;
  • Daily reminders will help you get your kids to listen and cooperate without falling back into old habits;
  • Proven and tested parenting techniques based on 40+ years of experience and working with 100,000+ kids and families;
  • Lifetime access to the challenge, so you can revisit it at any time in the future, and go through it at your own pace;
  • 365-day no-questions asked money back guarantee – you can try the challenge 100% risk-free.
365-Day No-Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee:
Try the challenge for a whole year 100% risk-free.
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