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For parents of kids struggling with angry feelings and “explosive” behavior…

Discover A Counterintuitive Approach To Help Your Children Independently Dissolve Anger And Regulate Emotions (in 28 days or less)

This Psychology-Based Emotional Regulation Action Plan Takes Only 5 Minutes A Day. And It Turns An Angry And Explosive Child Into A Calm, Peaceful And Emotionally Intelligent Child

Ages 3-15
28 day anger management challenge
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Parenting coach and bestselling author
Satisfied customers
satisfied customers
28-Day Anger Management Challenge:
4.92 / 5 based on 241 reviews
  • Complete Emotional Regulation Action Plan: Raise emotionally intelligent children who are in touch with their feelings and know how to regulate their emotions.
  • 28 daily 5-minute e-mail lessons will help you end angry outbursts in the moment, keep your children calm after the outburst and teach them coping skills to prevent future meltdowns.
  • Word-for-word scripts you can rely on to instantly diffuse a stressful situation and avoid emotional battles.
  • 90-day money-back guarantee (no questions asked) – go through all the materials at your own pace 100% risk-free.
  • Instant Lifetime Access to all the materials – download them, print them out or view them on your phone any time, anywhere.
  • 6 FREE Bonus Gifts (Total Value $115): E-Books, Workbooks & Printables for quick and easy implementation for busy parents.
only $28 
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Benefits You’ll Enjoy

  • Calm down your child in seconds during angry outbursts.
  • Two-hour tantrums shrinking down to two minutes (or disappearing completely).
  • Your child learns how to communicate their disagreements, needs and wants when they don’t get what they want without yelling, screaming, or crying.
  • When you ask them, your child does their homework and household chores without loud arguments or angry outbursts.
  • Your siblings get along much better because they’ll know how to deal with their feelings of jealousy.
  • Going to bed feeling like the “Best Mom or Dad in the World” on a daily basis.

Now, before you read any further, here’s the thing I want you to understand…

Your Kids Don’t WANT to be angry

When they throw tantrums, scream, yell, cry, kick, hit, bite or run away… 

They do so because they don’t like something and they don’t know how else to deal with it.

They were not taught how to regulate (not suppress!) their emotions in the right way.

When something upsets them, they naturally feel a negative emotion.

And instead of calmly verbally expressing themselves, they throw a tantrum.

The tantrum itself makes them lose control and brings up even stronger emotions of anger.

If, in this moment, you don’t react in the proper way…

Then, they’ll get even angrier and more frustrated. 

This is When Your Child Enters “The Anger Spiral”

Instead of calming down, they’re just getting angrier and angrier.

They might start biting, hitting you, or slamming their doors (depending on how old they are).

And they will not stop until they’re simply physically too exhausted to keep going.

When you don’t know how to deal with your child’s anger, this can be very frustrating.

As a result, you might respond back with your own anger.

At this point, you start yelling or issuing a punishment you later regret.

But It Doesn’t Have to be This Way

Kids who don’t throw tantrums and who know how to calm themselves down do so because they’re good at regulating their emotions.

These kids know how to express their needs and emotions in a healthy way.

And they’re able to express themselves and negotiate conflicts without yelling, crying and kicking.

They may be naturally good at it, or they’ve unknowingly learned it by modelling their parents or other role-models in their lives.

But this isn’t just a “talent” that kids have or don’t have. It’s a skill they can learn and master. 

And it’s never too late for that (though the earlier you teach them how to regulate their emotions, the easier your life will be).

And that’s exactly what you’ll be able to achieve with the 28-Day Anger Management Challenge.

You’ll be able to convert an angry and “explosive” child into a calm, smiling and kind child that knows how to intelligently master their emotions.

Want to peek inside the challenge? Scroll down past the testimonials.

Here’s What Other Parents Have to Say About The 28-Day Anger Management Challenge

Barbara Z
Barb Z.
Verified icon Verified customer
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“Our children had a huge lack of patience, and quick irritability even with basic things like toys or putting on shoes – if it doesn’t happen immediately they would get irritated in an instant, fighting and yelling constantly. They now understand that it is necessary to wait and try to control their emotions. They don’t get angry as much as before, for example, when putting on a shoe, but instead, they turn it into a joke. I also noticed that I speak more calmly myself and I stand by them. I feel more relaxed. You are great. Thank you! ????”

Testimonial without image
Lili L
Verified icon Verified customer
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“I can tell there is more mutual kindness, calmness and compassionate conversation in our family. Above all, I learned how to listen to my daughter first and then later tell her my opinion. We talk more, come to an agreement much easier and also stick to the agreement, which before was not often the case. Your expertise is definitely useful to me and we are slowly putting it into practice in our everyday life.”

Martina E.
Verified icon Verified customer
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“My grandson’s biggest problems were severe tantrums and anger outbursts. We made the “anger catcher” with both of my grandsons, then we counted the numbers and played his favorite tune, which immediately calmed him down, it was very pleasant. The manual also gave me a lot to think about since I used to have a hard time controlling my anger. “

Avatar image
Jennifer G.
Verified icon Verified customer
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“This is fantastic! Our son was really struggling with anger issues at school and was coming home from school really upset and frustrated, but since he start using the worksheets, he learned to understand what actually triggers his anger and how to easier cope with his strong emotions.

Avatar image
David W.
Verified icon Verified customer
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It has been a godsend for our family. For parents, it can be so frustrating to feel powerless in the face of our child’s anger issues. But this has given us the tools we needed and we’ve seen a huge improvement. Everything became much calmer and less intense.”

Here’s everything you’ll get if you join the 28-Day Anger Management Challenge TODAY

28 day anger management challenge

The Challenge includes a 3-step Emotional Regulation Action Plan with all the necessary techniques, protocols and strategies to end your child’s angry outburst within seconds and teach them emotional self-regulation.

During the 28-day challenge, you will receive one email each day in your inbox.

Each email includes a single Emotional Regulation Technique, Strategy or Protocol, designed to enhance your children’s emotional intelligence and teach them coping skills.

Where necessary, I have modified the strategies to fit children of different ages.

The solutions found in these educational emails will take you no more than 3-5 minutes a day.

This is nothing compared to the time and energy you spend each week trying to calm down your child (and trying to stay patient yourself).

Here’s what you’ll learn in the next 28 days:

Step 1: Anger-Stoppers: Stop your child’s explosive outbursts in 2 minutes with non-violent, playful and empathetic techniques

When your child erupts in anger when they don’t get what they want, when they resist doing something, or when they are transitioning between activities…

They don’t hear what you have to say. When children are still young, their emotional part of the brain is much stronger than their rational part. That’s why simply telling them to “calm down” or repeating your instructions doesn’t work.

Instead, you need a set of techniques that tap into your child’s playful nature, help the evolve and develop their brains, and teach them emotional intelligence.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn:

  • Day 3: Help your child detect the “hot” spot in their body and extinguish the heat with this Scanning Questions Sequence.
  • Day 5: Use the Playful Emotional Regulation Technique for kids to express their feelings without having to say anything.
  • Day 6: A simple 3-step action plan to stop aggressive behavior in the moment.
  • Day 8: An unusual redirection technique to calm down your child in the middle of a meltdown… without making you lose control.
  • Day 10: A “Reset&Reconnect Plan” for those rare situations when you lose your patience and escalate the situation into a bigger conflict.

Once you start using Anger-Stoppers, you’ll quickly develop trust and positive authority with your kids.

You’ll become a guiding parent who serves as a role model – someone your kids are happy to cooperate with and talk to openly.

Step 2: Patience-Boosting Protocols: Prevent angry outbursts by boosting your child’s patience

Most kids “explode” when they are already tired…

When something has already frustrated them to the point where they’re losing patience. 

That’s why you need a set of protocols that will keep your child in a positive mood throughout the day. This way, you’ll prevent countless anger outbursts in the first place.

Here are just a few of the protocols you’ll learn in the second part of the challenge:

  • Day 14: A Peace in a Box protocol that will keep your house calm and peaceful. It’s also a fun project to work on with your child.
  • Day 16: A “disconnect to re-connect” protocol to charge your child’s patience batteries and keep them calm throughout the day.
  • Day 17: An anger-channelling protocol that lets your child cope with angry feelings in a healthy way without throwing a tantrum, crying, yelling, kicking, hitting or biting.

While the main purpose of “Patience-Boosters” and “Anger-Stoppers” is to prevent your child’s angry outbursts and to diffuse them when they do occur…

These same techniques and protocols are also designed in a way to help your child learn about their emotions.

This is an important foundation for the last, most important step.

Step 3: Emotional Self-Regulation Strategies: Your child calms down on their own, without you even knowing they were getting angry

If you don’t want your child to rely on you each time they feel their anger rising…

They need to learn how to cope with their BIG emotions on their own.

That’s why I’ve included tailored strategies and word-for-word scripts that help your child process their negative emotions and express them without “exploding”.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the last part of the 28-Day Challenge:

  • Day 21: The self-reflection strategy for your child to reflect on their hurtful actions and learn from them so they don’t repeat them in the future.
  • Day 22: The word-for-word script to discover what’s really bothering your child so you can tackle the root cause of their anger.
  • Day 24: The Playful Mediative Strategy will make your child instantly more resistant to their negative emotions.
  • Day 28: A game-changing strategy that changes your child’s actions by tapping into and changing their thoughts.

Through this 3-step process, your child learns how to recognize their negative emotions, what triggers them, and how to regulate them on their own.

So the next time you ask them to do something, they’ll listen and cooperate with you. 

Sure, they might still want it their own way – after all, they are human beings with their own set of needs and wants.

But this time, they’ll communicate their disagreement calmly.

Your morning and evening routines will run much smoother. You’ll leave the house without loud arguments, and your kids will go to bed on time.

They’ll do their homework and chores when you ask them, and they won’t yell back or scream when they’d rather do something else.

Spending time with their siblings will become much calmer because they’ll learn how to navigate their feelings of jealousy.

When something doesn’t go their way, they’ll know how to process their uncomfortable emotions.

And when they truly need to let their anger out, they’ll do so by telling you what’s bothering them or simply playing a game (depending on how old they are).

It’s never too early or too late for your child to start learning these emotional regulation skills.

And it doesn’t matter whether your child gets angry a couple of times per week, once per day, or even more than 10 times per day.

These techniques, protocols, and strategies work for any child, no matter their temperament.

Here’s how the 28-Day Anger Management Challenge Works…

As soon as you join the 28-day challenge, you will start receiving e-mails with Emotional Regulation Action Plan.

For the next 28 days, you will receive one email every day. In addition to the educational content, these emails will also provide you with a daily kick in the butt to ensure you don’t give up or lose motivation during the challenge.

The guidance in the form of e-mails also gives you the freedom to choose when to read the learning episodes.

If you can’t make it in the morning, you can read them anywhere, anytime – on the bus, on a break at work or while chatting with a friend.

By following the advice I’ll share with you in these 28 days, your child will become more in touch with their feelings.

You learn how to stop and prevent impulsive and aggressive outbursts, and you’ll enjoy calmer days as your children will throw less tantrums and fits.

PLUS 6 FREE Bonus Gifts: E-Book, Printables & Workbooks

unbusy your mind

Workbook – Unbusy Your Mind: Exercise for unwinding your child from being too busy and overwhelmed

Value: $17
im in control

Poster – I’m in Control: Empower your Kid to Focus on Things They Can Control and Let Go of The Things They Can’t

Value: $17
mindset makeover

Mindset Makeover: Worksheet for Changing Negative and Limiting Thoughts into Positive

Value: $17
calm kid cards

Printable – Calm Kid Cards: Cards to Better Manage Their Big, Unpleasant Emotions

Value: $27
zen box

Worksheet – Zen Box: Selection of Tool Ideas for Helping Your Kid to Calm Down when Feeling Stressed

Value: $27
keep your cool

E-book – Keep Your Cool: 6 Key Strategies to Keep Calm When Your Child is Angry

Value: $27
83 % OFF
90-Day No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee:
Try the challenge 100% risk-free.

I’m Marko Juhant, and I’ve been working with kids for the past 40 years

Marko Juhant Crossed Arms
Marko Juhant, author of 16 best-selling parenting books

I come from Slovenia (a small country in Europe), which is why you might not have heard of me yet.

I started out as a teacher on a school campus…

And quickly graduated to a principal position at a school for “challenging” kids.

Many of them had anger issues.

They became upset as soon as something didn’t go they wanted.

They were impulsive and even aggressive…

They wouldn’t listen to me…

But I always managed to keep my classes under control – without stress.

Because I knew exactly how to handle these situations…

Then, when other principals saw that I could help them as well, they invited me to host workshops for teachers and parents at their schools.

Right now, I do about 500 workshops every year, where I help teachers and parents with their unique challenges – even though I’m in my 60s.

Marko Juhant parenting class
A workshop in front of 300+ parents and teachers at a primary school

When parents at workshops started asking me to give them something they could read at home, I started writing books.

I ended up writing 16 parenting books, most of which topped the national bestseller lists in Slovenia and competed with titles like Harry Potter.

Book stack Marko Juhant
My stack of best-selling books that helped 100,000+ parents raise their kids better

Over the past 40 years, more than 100,000 parents and teachers read my books or listened to my lectures.

Which is quite a few, since my country Slovenia only has about 800,000 parents.

Articles about Marko Juhnat
My work has been featured across every major media outlet through articles and radio shows

This created a Ripple Effect throughout Europe.

All of a sudden, journalists from Croatia, Italy, Austria, Germany and Switzerland started interviewing me, and parents and teachers from all over Europe started reaching out to me for help.

I wanted to help – so I learned new languages just to be able to share my knowledge with them.

I helped thousands of families through YouTube videos and interviews

Over the years, I also worked with over 1,000 European families 1on1 that came to me as “their light at the end of the tunnel”.

I came into their home, worked with the parents and children for a week, and solved their challenges.

How the Emotional Regulation Action Plan was born

I first discovered the Emotional Regulation Action Plan because of my deep interest in children’s psychology, which guided me throughout my career.

I started testing the techniques, protocols and strategies in my classroom to see which were most effective, in what order should I teach them to children, and how should I teach them so they learn them without resistance.

I continued developing them while working with thousands of families across Slovenia and Europe for over 40 years.

I spent thousands of hours learning from my mentors, reading all sorts of different books on parenting, psychology, and life.

I tested thousands of different approaches to see what works and what doesn’t.

Over time, I developed my own Emotional Regulation toolbox that helped me PREDICTABLY and CONSISTENTLY get children to understand their feelings and manage their anger effectively.

And today, I am sharing them with you in The 28-Day Anger Management Challenge.

Less Than The Cost Of A Single Therapy Session

A 1-hour session with a child psychologist or counselor costs around $150-$200 per hour on average.

And that’s for a SINGLE session. With no guarantee that the counselor’s approach works for your specific child and situation.

If you booked 10 sessions, you’d easily spend $1,500 or more…

With the 28-Day Anger Management Challenge, it would be reasonable to charge even a tenth of that, that’s $150.

But I don’t want the cost to stop any parent from getting the help they need with their family. That’s why I didn’t price the challenge at $150, $100 or even at $50.

You can try it out, 100% risk-free for just $28. This just about covers my costs.

And I believe it’s more than a fair price for something that will bring you and your kids lasting happiness, joy and a beautiful childhood that you all deserve.

Many of my customers even said that the challenge was worth far more than the cost.

Try the 28-Day Anger Management Challenge 100% Risk-Free

money back guarantee

I want you to go through the whole challenge completely risk free.

Not just for 28 days, a month, or two months… but for the whole 90 days.

If, for whatever reason you’re not 100% satisfied with the challenge…

If it doesn’t help you manage your child’s angry and aggressive emotions…

If it doesn’t absolutely exceed your expectations…

Then I don’t want you to have to pay for it.

Simply send me an e-mail to any time within 90 days of your purchase and my team will return your full investment.

No questions asked.

Plus, you get to keep the challenge with all the materials – it’s on me.

Join Now:

The 28-Day Anger Management Challenge

28 day anger management challenge
  • Complete Emotional Regulation Action Plan: Raise emotionally intelligent child who is in touch with their feelings and know how to regulate their emotions.
  • 11 Meltdown-Stoppers to stop and reduce angry outbursts.
  • 7 Calming-Down Protocols to help your child stay calm throughout the day.
  • 11 Peace-Building Strategies to boost your child’s patience and resistance to negative emotions.
  • 28 daily 5-minute e-mail lessons will help you end angry outbursts in the moment, keep your child calm after the outburst and teach them coping skills to prevent future meltdowns.
  • Word-for-word scripts you can rely on to instantly diffuse a stressful situation and avoid emotional battles.
  • 90-day money-back guarantee (no questions asked) – go through all the materials at your own pace 100% risk-free
  • Instant Lifetime Access to all the materials – download them, print them or view them on your phone any time, anywhere
  • 6 FREE GIFTS (Total Value $115)
83 % OFF
90-Day No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee:
Try the challenge 100% risk-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before I answer this question, let me ask you this first: how much time would you SAVE if you wouldn’t have to deal with your child’s angry outbursts?

If it’s a significant amount of time (and stress!), then I think you and I both know what you need to do.

The daily challenge emails that I’ll be sending you will only take 5 minutes to read. You can skim through them while having your coffee, taking a break from work or watching your favorite TV show.

Now, if you’re about to go on a 10-day vacation in the middle of the challenge with no access to your email… that’s not really a problem either. The emails will wait for you until you return, just make sure you get them now before we increase the price.

Plus, you have a whole 90 days to try the kit 100% risk-free.

I’ve been developing and using these tools for over 40 years now. Much of my work has been focused specifically on kids with various disorders because I know that being a parent in this case can be particularly challenging.

The Emotional Regulation Action Plan has been tried and tested on thousands of kids with ADHD, Autism, Anxiety and other disorders who are particularly sensitive. I’ve made sure that it’s bulletproof and working flawlessly in such situations.

My recommendation is to give it a try. You have nothing to lose and I’m convinced you’ll be blown away by how effective they are for your situation.

I get this question all the time. And my answer is always the same.

I’ve been studying this subject for over 40 years now. I wrote 16 books about it and have personally tested the tools on thousands and thousands of kids.

Trust me when I say this – by now I’ve made all my materials so bulletproof that I have yet to see them fail.

You’ll be surprised by how well and how quickly this system will work for you. But don’t take my word for it – see for yourself. Try the challenge, and if it doesn’t absolutely exceed your expectations, e-mail my team, and they’ll return your full investment – no questions asked.

Program consists of short lessons in textual form. You will receive one lesson each day, containing one emotional regulation technique, protocol or strategy. As if receiving one chapter of a book.

Since you will receive lessons via email, you can of course read them anytime and anywhere you wish. I advise you to read them in the morning and try to use them on the same day when they are still fresh in your memory.

Once you receive the lessons, they are yours to keep. You will be able to return to them anytime, read them again and as many times as you want. You can also print them out and save them in physical form or make visual reminders out of them to help you stay consistent.

You do not need any additional application such as Zoom for the program. You will receive daily lessons in the form of emails.

Of course, you keep these emails forever. You can read them anywhere and anytime, whenever it suits you best.

The contents of the 28-day program are intended for parenting of children of all ages. These are proven parenting techniques that work way better than yelling, regardless of the age of the children. Some also work with adults!

I totally agree with you. Your children are different from all others. And this is really not a bad thing! It just means that they are predictable in some way and that the methods will work for them as they work for most other children.

The parenting techniques I will share with you are based on the psychological patterns and responses of many of the children I have worked with and observed in my 40 year career. Regardless of their personality and special characteristics, some things remain the same and work. They are humane. In the nature of all of us.

Therefore, I am sure that you will also learn something new, that you will better understand your child and that you will gain new educational approaches and techniques that will make parenting easier and more successful.

Of course! You can order the program and then e-mail us at to transfer ownership to the person you want to gift it to.

If you are not satisfied with the product, please notify us at within 90 days of purchase and get your money back.

Please just review and actually try to use the content in practice.

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